China Custom 4 Wheels Sliding Hanging Door Pulley with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

HangZhou CZPT Hardware Goods Co.,Ltd.

HangZhou CZPT Hardware Merchandise Co. Ltd., a major throughout the world manufacturer in China given that originally1995, specializes in producing gate, doorway, windows and fence’s add-ons, sliding gate pulley , hardware which is employed for , swing gate, sliding cantilever gate, sliding door, folding door and electrical retractable doorway, fence, farm and many others.

HangZhou CZPT Components Merchandise Co. Ltd., has been accredited to comply with ISO9001:2008 Good quality Management Method, BV(Bureau Veritas) and SGS.

We specialize in production:  1. Sliding Gate Wheel, distant sliding gate wheel, Sliding Gate Keep track of, Sliding Gate Monitor Catcher. 2. Cantilever Gate Wheel, Cantilever Gate Channel, Gate End Stopper, Gate End, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Roller Bracket, Gate Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Wheel, Adjustable Base Plate, Conclude Cap for the Cantilever Gate. 3. Hanger Roller, Hanger Roller Channel 4. Nylon Roller, Steel Bracket with Nylon Roller. 5. Gate Latch 6. Gate Hinge, Welding Gate Hinges, Hinges for Wooden Gate 7. Submit Cap  8. Lock Entire body Scenario 9. Gear Rack: Nylon Gear Rack, Steel Gear Rack 10. Spring Box eleven. Folding Door Accessoies etc.

Item Introduction: 

  1. Function & Programs: Hanging Door Roller: Computerized Hanging doorway wheels are utilised for the sliding hanging gate, it is made to be fitted on the rail. When the gate channel is thrust-and-pull by the gate digital motor, the gate will be sliding. The outside of wheel is chamfered to make the gate sliding efficiently and less noise. 
  2. Materials: Created of basic Q235 metal give to high quality and toughness.
  3. Surface Finish: Surface galvanized in silvery, yellow, multicolor, which make the wheels completely resistant to struggle against rust and have a beautiful floor.
  4. Diameter: The current gate wheel diameter comes in 25mm, 38mm and 55mm.
  5. Specification: as adhering to:


Title NO. D mm C C1 H H1 M A B Excess weight
4 wheels sliding hanging door pulley GL04A twenty five 20 six seventy one.5 39 M8     201
GL04B forty four 21 eleven 127 68 M12 a hundred and twenty 31 667
GL04C 54 31 11 167 87 M20 140 forty five 1482

The hanging door roller are matching hanging door roller rail, correcting bracket for hanging doorway roller rail which we are providing.


If any interests, please give me a message for much more details, thank you!

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China Custom 4 Wheels Sliding Hanging Door Pulley     with Hot selling