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Overspeed governor is 1 of the protection management models of elevator safety protection method. During operating, when the automobile in excess of-pace or even danger to drop even though other security products do not perform, the over-pace governor and protection gear or up-likely protective gadget will generate linkage protection to stop the vehicle. Governor typically be put in within the elevator machine place or straight set up on the bearing beam, device roomless governor will be set up on the guide rail or base gap on the ground.

Our company presently gives various collection of more than-pace governor specifications, relevant to distinct elevator layouts, such as traditional return and non-return device room governor&semi machine roomless governor and so on. Clients require to discover its purpose and parameters in accordance with its specification and sort. &lparFor particulars, pls research the corresponding sort check report) to make sure its performance matching with the elevator genuine state.

Nova Code Application Production Variety Rope Sheave Diameter&lparmm) Governor Rope&lparmm) Stress&lparN) Control Position
NV52-240 MR Solitary course Φ240 Φ6,Φ8,Φ6.three 800~1500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-240A MRL Single direction Φ240 Φ6,Φ8,Φ6.3 800~1500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-240B MR Double route Φ240 Φ6,Φ8,Φ6.3 800~1500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-240E MRL Double direction Φ240 Φ6,Φ8,Φ6.three 800~1500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-240F MR Double direction Φ240 Φ6,Φ8,Φ6.three 800~1500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-187 MRL Double route Φ200,Φ240 Φ6,Φ6.3 >&equals500 Cabin&solCounterweight
Φ240 Φ6,Φ8,Φ6.3
Φ300 Φ8
NV52-186 MRL Double path Φ200 Φ6 >&equals500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-186A MRL Double route Φ150 Φ6 >&equals500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-208 MRL One route Φ200 Φ6 800~1500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-208A MRL Single path Φ200 Φ6 800~1500 Cabin&solCounterweight
NV52-001 MR Single course Φ280 Φ8 >&equals500 Cabin&solCounterweight

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A movable pulley is a pulley where when you transfer a weighty object, the drum moves with it. There is no change in the course of the drive you want to use, but the load will “truly feel” lighter than it in fact is. For case in point, if you might be hauling a large hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load really feel a whole lot lighter, even though you happen to be pulling in the exact same direction.
Mounted or Class 1 pulleys have a set shaft. That is, the shaft is “mounted” or anchored in place. A fastened pulley is a pressure utilised to modify the direction of the rope (called a belt simply because it tends to make 1 switch). Set pulleys have mechanical benefits of set pulleys. Active pulleys or 2-stage pulleys have free shafts. That is, the axis can go “freely” in room. Relocating pulleys are used to transform forces. Energetic pulleys have the mechanical gain of two pulleys. That is, if a single conclude of the rope is stationary, pulling the other finish of the rope will exert two times the drive on the object connected to the pulley. A composite pulley block is a combination of a set pulley block and a movable pulley block. Blocks – Blocks are composite pulleys the place numerous pulleys are mounted on each and every axle, additional incorporating to the mechanical advantage. Pulleys can alter the route of the drive.

China Custom Spare Parts Elevator Tension Pulley for Lift     with Good quality